Annie Chiu & Co., Certified Public Accountants, was established in January 1997. We currently have over three hundred corporate and individual clients. With dedicated profession, our firm provides a depth of expertise, professional advices, and a complete set of accounting, audit and taxation service to individuals and enterprises.  Our clients are ranged from trading to manufacturing, property consultancy to property development, wholesales to retail as well as construction and engineering. In addition, the formation of Annie Chiu & Co. is to respond to the need in expertise to provide services in handling pre-listing preparation works and other business advisory services.

We are aiming at providing the highest quality of service to our clients. Annie Chiu & Co. is renowned and highly respected as we are devoted to provide trenchant advices and obey to our restricted information protection policies. Based on our client orientation approach, we pride of our professional capabilities and the high standard of technical advices we offered.

Annie Chiu & Co. realizes that to provide excellent and high quality service is an important element to form a strong bonding with our prestige customers. Every staff member in our firm has been trained to offer not only quality technical service but to provide it in a way which will add value to our clients.
To achieve the high standard of services, we have developed an internal service policy which includes responding promptly, meeting deadlines, being accessible at all times and handling requests with courtesy and efficiency.
The attitudes and profession mentioned above we believed that every client deserve to have it. Unfortunately, in Nowadays, the details of the services provided are occasionally overlooked by many account service providers. Annie Chiu & Co., is committed to differentiate ourselves from others by providing our clients with excellent services.
We offer comprehensive and professional services to clients and add value to every business we involved. It is our mission to support our clients with the highest quality professional advice, confidentiality and other related service. Needs of every client are identified and handled personally by the director of Annie Chiu & Co. who is always available to discuss client needs.
If you want to know more about the services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Chiu by her direct line 2573-1668.
The composition of service team is dependent upon the size of engagement and the expertise required.  We will work directly with client and decide the best composition.  Where the involvement of other professionals is needed, we will co-ordinate with other professionals and provide services on a team basis.