With our knowledge and experience, our Group has been providing asset management services to institutions for years, for example, building and managing diversified portfolios for our customers. Our team is able to provide worldwide services covering Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, India and Canada market. In spite of stocks, bonds and futures, options, swaps, depository receipts and commodities are also with our investment scope.

Our team has a long experience to meet the customers’ investment needs, styles and goals. With the study and analysis of global macro trend, we have developed a personalized investment strategy for customers and devoted to create the greatest value for the customers.

Our team helps our clients to draw a blueprint to allocate their assets in their portfolio based on our client’s strategy, time horizon and risk tolerance level.

We are committed to facilitate our clients to cope with the fast changing market and its investment to be unrestricted by region, industry and asset type in order to seek chance globally.

We provide our clients with professional portfolio management services in according to customer orientation, strategy and opportunities in global financial markets. Regularly review of the portfolio performance is provided to make appropriate deployment to ensure that the allocations consistently meets the customers’ strategic goals.

Through data and technical analysis, the risk management team of our Group is dedicated to monitor the risks including the market, concentration, liquidity, default and credit. Derivative products in conjunction with general trading strategies are used to optimize risk premiums and control risks.

Efficient administrative work can enhance the efficiency of investment. With years of experience in the industry, we provide advice and assistance in every administrative activities related to account registration, account opening and fund transfer. So our customers can save the time and workloads spending on administrative work, and be focusing on decisions making.