The analytical team of our Group is sophisticated in financial knowledge and is able to provide multi-angle analysis in fundamental, technical and risk approaches. We provide our deliberating advices for our clients after considering their financial needs and the structures of the target investment instruments in order to protect the best interests of our customers and to avoid missing the investment opportunities.

Periodic macroscopic report is providing information to our clients to analyze the trend of global and geographical financial market and to review the impacts arising from major events. The reports ensure our clients to react promptly in the fast changing financial market.

Industry analysis services are available for customers in according to their interests and needs. A wide range of surveys and research will be conducted on specific industry to facilitate our clients to access information such as industry trends, prospects and essential factors affecting the industry. Industry analysis services will be a tool for our clients to identify the potential of the industry, explore potential investment opportunities and assist them to choose an appropriate strategy.

We analyze specific companies in response to customer requests. Our team will analyze the target company’s operating principle, management efficiency, business details, financial status, position within the industry, competition and market transactions from different perspectives, and compare with the similar companies. Helping customers to understand the target company and formulating the best investment strategy.

We conduct research and analysis for designated investment projects, such as real estate development, equity investment, over-the-counter transactions, and sale of precious collectibles. The analysis covers the project profitability, payback period, growth potential, and risk factors, etc. We can also cooperate with independent industry expert assessment reports to enable customers to make correct investment decisions.