Avia Trust Limited is a trust company registered under the Trustee Ordinance of Hong Kong, which provides a wide range of professional trust and escrow services. We assist clients in setting up various trusts and act as their official trustee. The major types of trusts in the market are private trusts, family trusts, charitable trusts, insurance trusts, corporate property management trusts, living trusts, special purpose trusts (SPTs), testamentary trusts and protection trusts, etc.

Trust is a legally binding form of wealth management that ensures proper inheritance of entrusted assets. We manage the trust assets and make transfer arrangement to the designated beneficiaries in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the trust deeds to achieve the objectives of property protection and distribution, risk management, tax arrangements, investment planning and management, etc. of our clients.

What is Trust

Under the common law, if the settlor of a trust transfers his/her property (including real estate, intangible and tangible assets) to the trustee in accordance with the deed of trust, the trustee will be responsible to manage the assets for the interests of the beneficiary or for a specific purpose, and finally distributes it to the beneficiary in specified methods. With continuous development, trust has become one of the important tools of wealth management.